HapaVir - Viral Replicating Inhibitor
  Viral infections will never be the same.


Let HapaVir™ Help You
Influenza ¤ Norovirus ¤ Herpes ¤ HIV ¤ Hepatitis ¤ SARS ¤ Bird Flu

Virus Replicating Inhibitor

 Viral Infections Need Never Be The Same !

HapaVir™ interferes with a virus microbe's ability to connect to the host cells they need to reproduce themselves. Interfering with this replication process means that your body has a smaller viral army to fight off. You could potentially prevent an initial infection, or, if already infected, hinder an outbreak or shorten the duration and lower the severity of an outbreak

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Ever wonder
ow a virus attacks your body?
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HapaViris highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system – and assists in maintaining overall health – even during seasonal times of runny noses and achy muscles.* HapaVir interferes with a virus microbe's ability to connect to host cells in your body that they need to reproduce. Inhibiting this viral replication process leads to a smaller viral army for the immune system to fight against.

* All natural
* From tested sources
* No side effects
* Does not interfere with prescription drugs
* Recommended for all people 6 years and older
* Also safe for pets, fish, and domestic animals

Stay Well !

    You will receive a 30-tablet bottle !